Mark the space forever, leave an impression, write something inspiring, tell someone you love them, leave an Airmessage.

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Amazing Features

In order to use Messengair you can create a new Account or use your existing account from other Facebook and Twitter. By registering you have access to a whole new world.

Private and Public Airmessages.

Messengair enable you to send private and public Airmessages. Private Airmessages can be viewed only by the dedicated recipient. You can use your contacts list to access their e-mail address or write it directly yourself. Nobody else will be able to read a private Airmessage. While public Airmessages, similar to graffiti, can be viewed by anyone being near the location you left the Airmessage and you don’t need to enter any e-mail address for public Airmessages.


Camera Mode.

In order to read Airmessages near the location where you are, you just have to enter Camera Mode and point the Camera in any directions. Airmessages will appear floating in the air in the exact locations where they were left. You can see the exact location of the Airmessages using Map Mode.


Map Mode.

When entering Map Mode, you can view where Airmessages were left in a map. You cannot read their content if you haven’t been to that location and read it already. The map will show all private Airmessages left to you. Switch to Camera Mode in order to read the Airmessages around you.



You will see all the received and sent Airmessages in Airbox. You can see who left you an Airmessage, when, and by clicking the Airmessages you will be directed to Map Mode where you can see the location where it was left. You will be able to see the content of Airmessages you have already read, but you will not be able to see the content of unread Airmessages without going to the location where it was left. Airbox enables you also to see the Airmessages you have posted.



There are locations in the world, like popular touristic destinations, where the number of Airmessages is tremendous. In order to facilitate their view, you can use the filter feature and sort Airmessages according to your preferences.


Offline mode

On certain occasion we will lack Internet access, nonetheless Messengair supports offline Airmessaging. You can leave an Airmessage without internet access, it will be left at the exact location you have post it even without Internet. On the other hand, in order to read Airmessages without internet access you will have to download them beforehand. For example, if you know that you will be going to a place without internet, like the Mount Everest, on Map mode, just point (touch and hold) to the location where you will be going without internet, and on the menu that will appear click on Download… You will be able to read all Airmessages when arriving at that location…and good luck with Mount Everest .

Great way to describe your app

Use Messengair to leave messages in real world places so that your friends can read when being near the location where you left the Airmessage. Messengair give you access to a new world; through our app you can leave your mark anywhere. You can write something inspiring, declare love, make someone laugh, leave an impression, write some words to mark a place and remember how you felt. You can leave Airmessages on the air...or just anywhere.


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